Wheat-Free Cookies Made with Locally-Sourced, Sustainable Ingredients


Part of why I started this business was because I wanted to find a way to support local, Guelph-based farmers and food producers in a bigger way! We source our honey from

Honey & Me, a family-owned honey operation who harvests their honey within the Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo area. Our eggs are also sourced from small egg-farmers within a 200-km radius of Guelph.

Why We Really Rock!



Guelph Honey & Eggs



Gluten-Free, Ontario Oats

Our oats are sourced from a family-run Ontario-based oat farm in Thorndale, Ontario: Hilray Oats, a 6th generation family-run oat farm!

Doug’s passion for producing gluten free oats began in 2007 when he learned from a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease that people following a gluten free diet could not safely eat the oatmeal products typically found on grocery store shelves. 



Sustainable Milk Chocolate

We use Belgian milk chocolate because of the smooth and extra creamy texture. Unfortunately, cocoa can't be grown in our Canadian climate so this is one ingredient we cannot source locally, along with almonds. Our chocolate is produced by Callebaut. 51% of the ingredients are sustainably sourced including 47% of the cocoa and 54% of the other ingredients. Callebaut is on track to achieve 100% sustainable chocolate sourcing by 2025.


Why Kiki's Kookies?


My passion for good-tasting wheat-free food...

If you've ever met me, you'd probably find out within a few minutes that I am madly passionate about food. Not only that, but I am so intrigued by the science of food and pay special attention to mouth-feel and texture of food products when I get my hands on something new! I'm so in love with food that I decided 5-years into my career as a dietitian, that I wanted a deeper dive so I decided to go back to school to finish a Masters in Nutrition and Marketing at the University of Guelph. During my time completing my Masters, I also worked on developing this recipe to satisfy my own cravings for a tasty, perfectly-textured wheat-free cookie while studying!

What I am even more passionate about is supporting local, small businesses and family-farmers. With 80% of the food we eat on our planet coming from family farmers, I believe it is extremely important to support them whenever possible! Because of this, I wanted to ensure as many of my ingredients come from local or sustainable/regenerative farming practices where family-farmers are also supported.

Finally, ever since I've had to transition to a wheat-free diet, I've struggled to find a wheat-free cookie that has great texture and satisfies my taste buds. This is for all of my wheat-free, local and sustainable-loving friends!

Kiran Bains, Dietitian & Owner
Picture by Bryn's Photography

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